Which base standard is used to carry out the dielectric tests?

Les industries Denis St-Yves Inc. use the ASTM or CSA base standards.

What is the ASTM?

American Standard Test Method are the standards that dictate how to calibrate a high-voltage product.

What is the CSA?

Canadian Standards Association is essentially the same standards that dictate how to calibrate a high-voltage, except in French.

What is a dielectric test?

A dielectric test is used to verify the insulation or the resistance ability of a tool or a garment that has been designed according to electrical insulation standards. The tool or the product is subjected to ”X” voltage, according to the standard for which it has been fabricated.

Why is it important to make dielectric tests of your high voltage equipment?

Dielectric tests are necessary to ensure the safety of the user.

In general, what is the delivery period of your material?

We allocate a maximum 10 business days.

Are the devices used by Les Industries Denis St-Yves Inc. to conduct the dielectric tests calibrated?

Yes, all the devices we use for dielectric testing are calibrated each year.

Is it better to identify the material?

Yes, we highly recommend that the client identifies their dielectric material; the same identification can be found on the dielectric report and billing, for better monitoring.

Should we use an insulated pole that has lost its luster?

NO, this pole should be automatically rejected after losing its luster, it becomes electrically conductive because water can seep inside the pole. The mist will spread evenly over the pole and will allow the voltage to reach the user and create an electric arc. It is extremely dangerous, but it can be reconditioned.

Can you repair a pole that has lost its luster?

YES, we can recover the pole using a special process to make it conform.

Can Les Industries Denis St-Yves Inc. make on-site dielectric testing of boom lift?

YES, we can visit to conduct dielectric testing on site but there are additional travel costs. Please ask one of our experts!

Is there a report issued for dielectric tests?

YES, a test report is issued for all dielectric tests performed.

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